The Musings of Ms. Jackson

Never one to back down from a challenge– or a mere suggestion, really — I am setting this blog up to participate in some daily blogging for the month of March. Full disclosure: this is the 4th or 5th blog I’ve started. Will this one be different? Time will tell. It will be heavier on words than graphics, and won’t require me to go anywhere or do anything. Instead, it will be (as the title suggests) my musings on things that interest me, which could be anything from basketball to food to weather to teaching to parenting.

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The black and white: I teach English Language Arts. I love my job.I also love the part of my life that isn’t my job, so I strive for balance, daily.

Also: I have fantastic ideas, but my follow through needs work. That balance I mentioned above? Also needs work. and even though i teach english, i eschew capital letters in all personal communication, an affectation leftover from my early 20s.

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Twitter: @msjacksonattraf

Instagram: msjacksonreads